Friday, February 10, 2017


While the masses debate the myriad of issues of the UFO phenomena - everything from 'are they real' to the next absurdly obvious hoax laid out before us, the phenomena of strange things seen in the sky (and contact with alleged occupants) continues unabated.

I'm currently collaborating with author Erin Parker to write the book "White Square: Aliens, Antistructure & the Mystical Experience" which details a lifetime of some very weird experiences. But I'm once again drawn to start this blog which has been on my mind for years to do: to discuss the nature of the phenomena, it's surrounding tenets, and it's effects on people inside the loosely defined field of UFOlogy. 

If you've ever heard me talk about things like antistructure, liminal states, binary opposition and other consistent encompassing effects related to paranormal events, you know it's not a sound bite discussion and often podcasts and radio guest spots are cut short without really getting the whole thing laid out.

My understanding of these specific paranormal topics started with George Hansen, who's written and spoken extensively about what we're covering here ( George changed in one night, my entire ontological view of the phenomena present in my life for as long as I can remember.

A while ago in discussion with George, I asked him why it is that more people don't acknowledge the surrounding consistencies that follow around all paranormal phenomena. To me, this was a real push forward on the envelope of trying to understand how to approach the study.

George said, "Most people don't even understand what I'm talking about".

He later went on to clarify that some younger people had a greater reception to his ideas, but that his age group did not. This greatly distressed me, and is the primary reason for this blog. 

I realize that these undercurrent topics that envelope the paranormal are abstract, and can get very involved very quickly, but once you understand certain aspects (that aren't that hard to get your head around), you fundamentally change your outlook and approach to the phenomena. 

If you're an active investigator, you'll be wanting to alter your approach to questioning witnesses, and overall examinations. You'll gain new insight into how and why hoaxes occur and why you should come to expect them, and shockingly - that you can learn a lot from hoaxes (and by virtue of that it'll make you a lot less angry about them).

You'll also gain ground in understanding the massive amount of infighting, backstabbing and shenanigans of clique mentality in UFOlogy and other paranormal venues like the ghost hunting fields.

And that's only the start. 

I should make note here, that I'll be talking about certain UFO and paranormal personalities from time to time and making points about their work, their following, and how their behavior in the field applies to our target discussion. This may be perceived as mean spirited or derogatory - it is not meant to be. I'll be as clinical as I can about personalities - it's not about trashing anyone. It's about really seeing.

How about recognizing the consistencies that will make you wonder how you ever missed them before? And, how those seemingly disconnected things (even hoaxes) could conceivably be part of the phenomena too. 

So, rather than try to lay out some abstract thoughts and theories, this blog is going to work like a Rosetta Stone language program - you're going to start speaking 'Trickster' by virtue of repeated example. You won't be able to get away from it. And as time goes on you'll see these things more and more.

But let's be clear: this isn't an answer to anything by any stretch. If you're looking for answers, you're in the wrong place. But my contention is that these realizations will fundamentally change how you see the field, the people in it, witnesses and the phenomena itself. That in turn should change your approach to how you perceive and study it.

It's a direction - but it's one that I think I can say has more repeatable hallmarks than anything the paranormal offers. Ultimately, thats of value. You may find other avenues by way of this new (or rather, new to you) perspective that you want to explore. The ideas to be contained here may even lead you to see how you can study these enigmatic topics though direct interaction. 

Be forewarned that if you're so married to your current answer for any given phenomena you're probably best to leave now. This blog is about divorce. Divorce of belief, and of long held theories that when examined compared to any given phenomena - just don't hold up.

Before we roll on with any momentum, the next blog post will detail some of the verbiage used to describe the effects and what they mean in layman's terms. I'll give some examples you'll no doubt have heard countless times before - but you'll now see them in a whole new way. These will be the things you'll start to see all over the paranormal. Think of these terms and their meanings as the tube that contains the paint the phenomena uses to make it's art for us to see. 

If you have any questions at any time, leave a comment and I'll answer as best I can.



  1. This is excellent! I had known I was one of a very slim minority who considered these things as they relate to UFOs and understand or appreciate the work of Hansen so it was great to find you via FB and now look forward to following this blog.

  2. Hi Sue, thanks for the comment. My hope is to make people see the value of people like George's work, because it is truthfully some of the only stuff that has pushed the boundary back. I hope you enjoy. -Jeff

  3. This is another Sue. I admire the way you've persevered in applying theory to manifestations of phenomena. I have some quibbles with the assumptions underlying Hansen's approach, but I am thrilled that someone is trying to use logical argumentation in a field where WTFs are usually the main coin of trade. Look forward to following this blog.

  4. Just heard about this on Where did the road go? I was an early Paratopia subscriber, and have missed your take on this odd shit. Its great to hear from you again.

  5. I heard you talk on "Where does the road go" and wanted to check out your blog. I read "The Trickster and the Paranormal" several years ago and it was up my alley, so my ears perk up anytime I hear it mentioned, which isn't often enough. I've been pondering Colin Wilson's book on poltergeists and am looking forward to re-reading it with your analytical framework in mind. Thanks for a thought-provoking blog.

  6. Thanks to you all for the kind words!